News // August 22, 2016

10 Things We Loved @ FLOW 2016


This year’s FLOW: Northside Arts Crawl was a hit! We put out a call to come honor the ancestors and many of you answered. We are so grateful!

The annual art crawl originally started out as a small but burgeoning showcase of Northside creatives, initiated by the Northside Achievement Zone. Now, tipping the scale at over 300 featured visual and performing artists at 25 different locations, FLOW continues to grow in community attendance and participation since its 2006 debut. We are thrilled to share 10 highlights from the main event at JXTA!

1. In The Groove With The “Who We Are” Mural

Dancing by Angelique Kingsbury FlOW 2016

Photo by Angelique Kingsbury

This new mural was unveiled especially for FLOW. Inspired by the work artist Emory Douglas, the image of mother and child radiating images of ancestors, was produced by our Public Art apprentices to honor black motherhood as a revolutionary act and cause for celebration!


2. Pedal-powered Bike Carousel


What a fun way to combine art, wellness and community in North Minneapolis. Children and adults joyously rode the lion, horse and antelope adorned carousel designed by artists Christopher Lutter-Gardella and Brandon Brown in partnership with our sponsors Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota and Trust for Public Land.

3. The Black House Installation

black house 1

The Black House was a packed house! Attendees lounged in the transformed Emerson gallery amid art pieces designed for healing, reflection and reverence for black excellence in everyday life. The installation is part of an on-going series that will continue through Black August at JXTA. You can follow the progress and hear about more events at The Black House Facebook page.

4. The Spirit of Youth


All FLOW attendees come to demonstrate pride in community, but especially young folks!

5. Wild Seed Puppet Workshops & Parade

Wild Seed

The unofficial color of the event was purple and the ancestral spirit of Prince was the guest of honor. A special shout goes out to the community artists that helped produce Wild Seed. At FLOW an inter-generational bunch of costumed and puppet wielding paraders made their way down Broadway Avenue attracting the cheers of passers-by before landing at the new Freedom Square Demonstration Plaza.

6. The New Line of Prince T-shirts and Accessories


The recent passing of our most beloved Prince was also paid tribute in a new line of limited edition t-shirts, buttons and earrings. Luckily, attendees had the opportunity to preorder print-on-demand shirts once our supply in the Textile Studio began to run out.

7. Ancestors Watched Over the Breezeway


The staging area for the community parade was watched over in style! The Environmental Design team stretched these beautiful banners across the breezeway joining two of our buildings. The banners feature images of some of our most prized ancestors. At FLOW they were set against a divine backdrop of blue and sunny sky.

8. Collaborative Drawing with the VALT Studio

VALT Drawing

The Visual Art Literacy Training (VALT) program invited FLOW attendees to created a drawing modeled on a surrealist collaborative art experiment called “exquisite corpse.” Over the course of the day the community of artists traced text projected onto the canvas, at times they drew freely.  The result? A vibrant and playful art piece that demonstrated the brilliant collective mind at this year’s FLOW!

 9. Reunions

Reunions 2

FLOW brings the JXTA alumni and other community back together in the spirit of positivity and communion.

10. Our Team


All-team photo by Bill Cottman, 2016.

Way to go team JXTA! FLOW is the only time of the year that we have all apprentices, students, instructors and staff on campus at once. At FLOW we turn out to represent with enthusiasm the creative genius of the Northside as demonstrated in the work of our apprentices. We always look forward to this unique opportunity to show off life at JXTA.

Don’t miss us next year!