Exciting Things Coming to the Corner of Emerson and West Broadway

Last year as the winter ice and snow thawed, bricks began falling off of our building at the corner of Broadway and Emerson. The City inspector gave us two options: 1) repair the building or 2) tear it down. After talking with JXTA youth, artists, neighbors, and advisors we made a huge decision: It’s time to clear space for the future.

The buildings on the corner lot that housed the Nail Shop, our retail shop, and JXTA Labs will be demolished in April. We will take the next few years to dream and plan with the community about the future of the JXTA campus and our youth-staffed art and design micro-businesses. What might we all make possible that supports the creative genius of young people in North Minneapolis?


Dreaming and planning takes time, and we all know that West Broadway deserves more public space designed with youth and community in mind. So beginning this summer, with support from the Super Bowl Host Committee, we’re installing a skate-able art plaza in the empty lot in partnership with City of Skate and the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition. This will allow youth, artists, and community members to gather around creativity, innovation, health, and culture. Watch for the art plaza this summer.

What better way to keep the community informed than straight up wheat pasting our press release to the side of our buildings? There are a lot of changes coming to the JXTA campus and we wanted our Northside neighbors to be the first ones to know what’s going down. So we put it right on the corner for everyone to see.


In preparation for pre-demo work, we secured a second location for our JXTA Labs just around the corner. What used to be the furniture store at 1808 Emerson now houses our Textiles and Screen Printing, Graphic Design, Environmental Design, and Tactical Urbanism Labs. 


The retail shop has moved into our building at 2007 Emerson, alongside our gallery and main office. Stop by and see us!

Stay Tuned

As we continue to move forward in this process, you can follow along here at juxtapositionarts.org/about/jxtacampus and follow #JXTAxCOS on instagram and Twitter.