Ideas // July 24, 2014

Enviro Design’s Campus Refresh

Enviro Design Lab installing swingset at JXTA

Enviro Design co-instructor Coal Dorius and youth artist Alaja install a new swingset in the pocket park adjacent to the JXTA gallery.

FLOW Northside Art Crawl is a key occasion to connect with our neighbors and supporters at JXTA. Emerson & West Broadway is one of the FLOW anchor intersections and our aim is to be an energizing space where connections happen. This summer nearly 50 local teens  are employed part time at JXTA. (About 1/2 are STEP-UP Achieve apprentices.) Ten youth work in the Environmental Design Studio where they are spending the summer renovating outdoor space around the JXTA campus.  Young people are putting their creative and technical skills to work in the real world in spaces on our campus, such as Saint Satoko pocket park (between JXTA and Urban Homeworks).

Sam Babatunde Ero-Phillips the long time lead of the Enviro Studio says, “For FLOW, we will set up the site model so people can see the initial ideas of the campus and essentially the work that went into creating what is literally in front of them. People will be able to move around the alleyway to view the model, see a new mural going up, and sit in a new seating area while checking out our pocket park. We’re hoping that they’ll really enjoy the experience.

Some of the things that the youth are learning through this hands on project is how to create a three dimensional object that is at a scale appropriate to the space it is located and in proximity to other objects in the space. These are fundamental to a number of different fields that revolve around form and function, such as urban planning, interior design and landscape design. They’re learning how to move from an abstract idea, sketch, study model, and then physically create the large  scale object – using a one to one scale. They understand ratio and what scale means for the very basis of design. Overall, something that is in line with the JXTALab program is an emphasis on practicing the skill of going from ideas into actions and objects. Through the current JXTA campus redesign, that’s what the young people have done.

Mural from Public Art

Public Art  and Enviro Design Studio’s work  can be seen in the alley way adjacent to the 2007 Emerson gallery building.  Local teens will be painting a mural here during FLOW.