Give to the Max Day 2019


This Give to the Max Day, Count the Cost and Fund the Labs!


JXTA provides training and employment for young artists like Justice (Environmental Design & Tactical), Avahnii (Graphic Design), Odis (Textiles & Screen Printing), and Laurel (Contemporary). Apprentices ages 14-21 learn and earn in these five revenue-generating art and design studios called JXTALabs. While making a competitive hourly wage, apprentices in the labs build hard skills (like Photoshop, SketchUp, and pottery-throwing), gain real-world experience working on client projects, and collaborate with peers and professional teaching artists to maximize their learning.

Each year it costs $500,000 to run and operate the JXTALabs. This includes apprentice wages, materials, teaching artist salaries, and other operational costs.

That is $41,000 per month.

$8,000 per lab per month.

$9,615 per week.

$1,369 per day.

Every donation helps. Gifts from $25 to $25,000 are an investment in the creative futures of the next generation of artists and designers. Please support JXTALabs today!

  • For $119, you can support one apprentice in one day of labs.
  • For $1,369, you can fund one day of JXTALabs.
  • For $8,000 you can fund one of five labs for one month.



Throughout this campaign, stay tuned to hear directly from apprentices like Avahnii about why JXTA is important.  Follow us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook to read these stories.


Help Fund the Labs. Help Fund the Future. #GivetotheMax today or on November 14, 2019.


About JXTALabs:

In JXTALabs, apprentices learn alongside teaching artists and designers by working on real client projects. The skills they acquire in the Labs propel them into careers, higher education, and entrepreneurship, all while getting paid an hourly wage. In JXTALabs apprentices also receive mentorship from experienced art and design professionals. Helping to build their confidence, skills, and portfolio. We need your support. We are so appreciative of our clients! In 2019, JXTA apprentices brought in earnings of $357,000, and JXTA paid out $257,000 in apprentice wages. However, that is just a portion of what it costs to support the labs. We need your support. Please count the costs and help us fund the labs.

Click HERE to view a video we put together that reveals the process for a recently completed Luminous Current light-based installation now on view at the Guthrie Theater.