News // November 28, 2017

Public Functionary Features Another JXTA Artist


Drew Petersen Solo Exhibit: Hurry Up and Wait

If you take a look at the last four solo shows to come through Public Functionary, you’ll notice one thing that the artists all have in common with each other: they’re past and present Juxtaposition Arts instructors:

Next up? Visual Art Literacy Training (VALT) Instructor, Drew Peterson. At the core of this exhibition is a sentiment that Peterson feels he shares with many of his generation, the mentality to “do more with less,” to embrace complexity, and the understanding that the labor that constitutes our path contains value and meaning.

In this exhibition, Peterson has stripped down his approach to screen printing—relying solely on techniques generated directly by hand rather than the technologically aided processes most utilized in contemporary printing practices. Peterson explores a hybridized process of watercolor painting and screen printing at a scale that normally exceeds the technical capacity of print-based work. The title Hurry Up and Wait encapsulates the artists’ surrender to both time and process, and serves to illustrate the frenetic formal qualities of the exhibition.

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 16 / 7pm @ Public Functionary
Gallery Hours through January 13, 2018
Open hours: Tues/Thurs 12-6pm / Saturday 12pm-7pm
Artist Conversation: Friday, Jan 12 / 7pm
*Additional Friday evening programs and open hours TBA*

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