News // July 25, 2016

JXTA Class of 2016: Meet Cedrick McNeal


We’re celebrating seven apprentices who have accomplished High School graduation this year! #JXTAGraduates

Cedrik McNeal



Full name: Cedrick McNeal 

JXTA Lab/ Studio: Environmental Lab

How did you first hear about JXTA?

My grandma told me there was a program that can give me a position in doing art. I love doing art. Then I came here.

How long have you been apart of JXTA?

Since I was 15 years old.

What’s the best thing about your studio?

I am in Enviro lab and the best thing about Enviro is the people in it. They’re funny and I enjoy having them around.

Which JXTA experience are you most proud of?

The Wolf and Moose project which was also a recycling project. It was something that I did and it was huge. I never built a statue before and that was cool.

What was your biggest challenge here?

I think just talking to people because I have a really hard time talking to people. Now, that’s gotten a lot easier.

What advice would you give to a young person interested in JXTA?

Just to come. It’s a great place where you can learn a lot of things. It can get you prepared for college.

You’re a high school graduate! Where do you want to go or do next?

I’m going to college now for music and photography. I like taking pictures. It’s just the way it looks; it’s so beautiful. Especially when you capture it at the right time.

What has been your experience with North Mpls?

I love shopping. We have so many stores and stuff that other people don’t wear that I like wearing. I like to look different.

Which artist has influenced your work the most, or is just a personal favorite?

I’m gonna say [Environmental Design Instructor] Coal. She helps me on a lot of projects and likes what I come up with and tells me to keep doing it. She pushes me.

In one sentence, or a few words, describe your experience.

Fun. Beautiful.

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