News // March 8, 2019

Juxtaposition Arts happenings during the NCECA 2019 Conference


Ceramic “face jugs” created by JXTA youth in Contemporary Lab.

NCECA 2019

Minneapolis, MN, March 27-30

Join us for events hosted during NCECA 2019!

Friday, March 29, 5-8PM:

Veronique Wantz You Am I opening reception & fundraiser

In conjunction with Artaxis, Veronique Wantz Gallery will hold a fundraiser at the reception for You Am I: A celebration of Modern Identity for JXTA through the sale of donated works by Artaxis members.

About the exhibit:

Intermingled, intertwined, interfacing. In an age where we seek ideological purity, You Am I examines how each of these facets of our identity can coexist in analogous ambiguity. How are these multiplicities embraced? Is there a singular thread that weaves across the identity landscape: binding, repairing? Is there a rise of fantastical individualism? Or does identity melt into a pool of punctuated homogeny? As the dance progresses, do we forget to notice? Our diversity becomes our unity as we sway forward to the beat of this neoteric revolution.

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Saturday, March 30, 12-4PM:

Pop-up events on the JXTA campus

  • JXTA youth apprentice ceramic work for sale
  • Ceramics and Contemporary Art open studio
  • Group tours of campus ($150 suggested donation)
  • Current exhibit on view in the Emerson Gallery: Mara Duvra TO BE SEEN / TO BE MANIFOLD
  • Mara Duvra artist talk: 1PM

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