Once JXTA students reach a level of mastery in Visual Art Literacy Training they may apply for a paid apprentice position and work with professional artists in graphic design, screenprint, environmental design, contemporary arts or public art studios. Working alongside professional artists, JXTA students create commercial work with a multi-disciplinary approach providing convenience for clients looking for:

  • custom t-shirts and apparel items,
  • logo, flyer and poster designs,
  • unique original artworks for displaying or marketing ideas,
  • live art demos for events, and
  • innovative environmental art installations

Our services provide iconic and memorable experiences for custom designed to meet our clients’ needs.

In addition to talented artists and design professionals, we employ North Minneapolis youth who are training in various creative fields.  Through the JXTALab apprentice program youth build their resumes, develop their artistic portfolios, and are mentored to apply to college, start their own business or find work in a creative field. By partnering with JXTA you are making a lasting impact on our community and on tomorrow’s creative leaders.

JXTA Lab Services include:

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