Studio Space

The 1108 Artists’ Cooperative

We provide quality affordable art-making and creative small business space to traditionally underrepresented, emerging and established artists who have a demonstrated commitment to North Minneapolis.

Co-op Location / Space

The studio space is located at 1108 West Broadway Avenue.  It consists of 9 individual artists’ studios ranging from 126 sf to 445 sf.

Membership Fees

Co-op membership fees are $1 per sq foot per month depending on the size of the individual studio. (For example Studio 9 is 445 sq ft. and the co-op fees for that member are $445/month.)  The studios can be used for art making, rehearsals, practices, small workshops, or as an artist’s business office.  In addition to private studio space, co-op members have access to a shared conference room, and free internet Wi-Fi.  Electricity, gas, trash and general maintenance of the building are covered by the monthly member fees.

Membership Availability

Co-op memberships are available to artists, 18 years of age or older, who demonstrate professional experience and commitment in their genre. We welcome artists from all disciplines, arts-related start-up businesses, and arts entrepreneurs who have a connection to North Minneapolis and are committed to interfacing with local community members.

Interested in Membership?

  1. Read through the 1108 Artists’ Coop General Membership Info Document
  2. Download the 1108 Artists’ Coop Application Form, fill it out and return to JXTA (Details in the document)
  3. Upon Membership Approval, Sign and return the 1108 Artists’ Co-op Membership Agreement

Studio Layout



 Studio Availability – Studio #5 available December 1

Studio Available Available Studio Occupied Occupied
Availability  Studio Sq. Ft.
Studio Occupied 1  135
Studio Occupied 2  140
Studio Occupied 3  126
Studio Occupied 4  132
Studio Occupied 5  368
Studio Occupied 6  271
Studio Occupied 7  266
Studio Occupied 8  247
Studio Occupied 9  445