Contemporary Art

Built on the core of apprentices’ training, the Contemporary Art Studio produces original canvas paintings and mixed-media works – the kind of high-quality art in demand from both large and small businesses and individual collectors. Large businesses use the work to both brighten their offices and show their commitment to their community. Small businesses – coffee shops, co-working facilities, even the offices of tax accountants – regularly rotate art from local creators, often less formal and traditional in nature. The Painting and Drawing Studio is a significant source of fresh, innovative art for both constituencies.

In addition to dealings with large and small groups and businesses, we have more typical artistic relationships with local galleries and art dealers. This more traditional design provides an alternate distribution structure for the work of the team in the studio – generated from the team, rather than commissioned or requested by a customer.

Finally, the artists from any JXTALab Studio can provide live art-making for events. This encompasses a broad range of activities, from hands-on opportunities for the public to artist demonstrations at fundraisers. In the case of the latter, JXTA recently provided a demo at a fundraiser for COMPAS, which became a part of a live auction held at the end of the event.


JXTA-sourced art can currently be found in the offices of Youthprise a local funder of efforts that support youth leadership.