Textiles & Screen Printing

JXTA is a full-service custom screen printing shop.

We can help you from concept to production to design unique, high-end apparel.  Contact us to customize shirts, jackets and more.

The Textiles & Screen Printing Lab provides reproduction services via screen-printing, and heat press transfer for custom apparel, primarily items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, tote bags, and jerseys/uniforms.  Any logo or image provided can be added to most any textile item using the colors specified by the client or chosen at the discretion of the artists and apprentices. Alternately, a client can come in for a consultation with our artists and apprentices wherein the latter learn the client’s interests and parameters of the job, work with the graphic design studio to create a design, and produce the screen-printed apparel for the client. Just as important as the large orders for big clients are the small orders we receive for family reunions or one-time events.

Examples of recent customer products include:

  • Totebags for the national Neighborhood Funders Group conference
  • Hankies for Twin Cities LISC
  • T-shirts for Happy Earth Cleaning
  • T-shirts for local funder COMPAS.

The Textiles Lab is also the engine behind the boutique housed on the ground floor of the shop. Artists and apprentices work with apparel and jewelry designers from the Twin Cities and around the world with JXTA to source unique clothing and accessories. In addition, they offer their own limited-edition releases, making the boutique an unparalleled source for one-of-a-kind, high-quality apparel.