Coal Dorius


Environmental Design Studio Instructor | started w/JXTA: 2014

Coalcred3M.L.A. – University of Minnesota

Quote3“If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.” – A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

about3Adjunct professor and artist Coal Dorius, was first introduced to JXTA through the U of M ongoing service learning collaboration, Remix/Streetlife while pursuing her M.L.A. Coal’s thesis focused on the relationships between urban planning and cultural imprints, and how they influenced the history, equity and growth of North Minneapolis. She continues to explore placemaking opportunities in Minneapolis city policy. “My intent has always been to be as creative and purposeful as possible and I feel like that is right in line with JXTA – teaching apprentices to look for opportunities and help build an infrastructure to encourage an exchange of ideas in everyday life.”

Adrienne Doyle


Tactical Urbanism and Public Art Lab Assistant | JXTA Alum started w/JXTA: 2014Adrienne - Copy

cred3JXTA Alum

Quote3“A society must assume that it is stable, but the artist must know, and he must let us know, that there is nothing stable under heaven.” – James Baldwin

about3Adrienne entered JXTA 2010 through the STEP Up job training program. Though she initially thought that a creative career would not take her far, Adrienne’s time since joining JXTA combines teaching, arts-based community organizing and publishing the zine Burn Something. But, all-in-all, it’s personal connections that inspire much of Adrienne’s work: “The majority of my work at JXTA requires conversations with apprentices and community members about the systems and processes that shape society. I enjoy witnessing our young people challenge, critique, and re-imagine the world as it is, and providing support and resources as they make moves to build it better.”

Samuel Babatunde Ero-Phillips


Environmental Design Studio Instructor  |  started w/JXTA: 2007

Samuel Babatunde Ero-Phillipscred3BS Architecture – University of Minnesota | M.Arch – University of Illinois | Fulbright Fellow, Nigeria

Quote3“Plan your work and work your plan.”

about3“I love being an architect for many reasons but mainly because design is such a valuable tool to express solutions creatively,” says Sam Ero-Phillips. An architect and educator, he brings his passion for problem-solving to the Environmental Design Studio at Juxtaposition where he works with students on projects that connect directly to the surrounding community. When he’s not at Juxtaposition, you might just find him in Nigeria lecturing at the University of Lagos where he’s also working on a PhD in sustainable development.

Tia-Simone Gardner


Contemporary Arts Lab Instructor| started w/JXTA: 2016
 IMG_1999 - Copy

cred3PhD Candidate in Feminist Studies at University of Minnesota

Quote3“The work has to speak strongly enough to stand on its own.” –Terry Adkins

about3Upon her arrival to Minnesota, Tia–a shining academic and subsequent 2016 McKnight Fellow in Visual Arts–had difficulty finding a community and space outside the University that would nurture her creative and intellectual life. Introduced to the organization by fellow artists, Tia was “overwhelmed with excitement to have the chance to join JXTA and such a sharp group of instructors doing work that I love.” She admits that her time as a lab instructor has expanded her idea of teaching, specifically ideas about when and where learning can take place. And she is particularly grateful for the support that the JXTA family shows one another in both lab and office.

Kristen Murray


Tactical Urbanism & Community Engagement  | started w/JXTA: 2013

IMG_3268cred3Bachelors in Electrical Engineering – Rice University; Masters in Landscape Architecture with Public Policy – University of Minnesota

Quote3“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― R. Buckminster Fuller

about3For Kristen, JXTA is a place where love of learning and love of art-making come together. Incorporating her backgrounds in youth development, urban design and program development into her role at JXTA, Kristen sees the intersection of design and entrepreneurship as a boost to a youth artist’s impact in their immediate environments. “It is a wonderful thing,” Kristen says, “to be a part of a team of young people, artists, designers and leaders who ask big questions and look at the world with a sense of possibility and a desire to create.”

Ben Peterson

ben.peterson@juxtaposition.org1980-01-01 00.00.10-2 - Copy

Graphic Design and Textile Studio Instructor| Started w/JXTA: 2015

cred3BFA Graphic Design—Minneapolis College of Art & Design

Quote3“Live free & be nice.” –personal mantra

about3Ben was referred to JXTA by other artists in the print and design community and, upon his first visit, knew he’d found a match. For Ben, JXTA is “an organization with a heart beat; real people, all about coming up together.” He says that JXTA has helped him to stay grounded, reminding him that things can always get better. Ever the optimist, Ben brings to JXTA light-heartedness and a model work ethic for his students:  “I started learning how to screen print by volunteering at a print shop, doing the dirty work (taking out the trash, cleaning the toilet…sweeping, mopping) in order to have access to the facilities.” He keeps a daily sketch-booking ritual and, in order to remain flexible enough to maintain his freelance print and design work, the avid skateboarder keeps trying to do the splits!

Drew Peterson


Visual Art Literacy Training Instructor  |  JXTA Alum – started teaching w/JXTA: 2010

drew petersoncred3MFA – School of the Art Institute of Chicago | BFA – University of Minnesota | Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellow, Yale Summer School of Music and Art Anderson Ranch Residency

Quote3“ There are no impossible dreams: there is just limited perception of what is possible.”

about3Drew Peterson began working with Juxtaposition Arts as a 16 year old participant in a summer mural project! He says that summer experience had a tremendous impact on his decision to become a working artist.  In thinking about his work today as both a practicing artist and teaching artist Drew says, “What I enjoy most about my work at JXTA is seeing young people make their own discoveries and gain a sense of understanding and accomplishment. Engaging with young people and the JXTA community helps me escape the individualist mentality that a studio practice can develop. Its meaningful. It feeds my soul.”

Kenneth Rooker


Graphic Design Lab Instructor | started w/JXTA: 2014

Kennethcred3Philadelphia University of the Arts | Art Director and Creative Strategist

Quote3“A rooster crows only when it sees the light. Put him in the dark and he’ll never crow. I have seen the light and I’m crowing.” -Muhammad Ali

about3Kenneth joins JXTA with over a decade of experience working for Fortune 1000 companies in New York as well as smaller, locally owned businesses and nonprofits. He was lead to this current role by referral, and he maintains the guiding principles of instilling a sense of belief in the possibilities that life has to offer youth. “I love seeing young artists struggle, learn, and experience the joy of breakthroughs that come with creative growth.” In his down time, Kenneth is a competitive volleyball player, coach, and a huge classic and genre film enthusiast.

Lindsay Splichal


Textile & Screenprinting Lab Instructor | started w/JXTA: 2011

cred3B.F.A. Print, Paper and Books – Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Quote3“Don’t make things harder for yourself.” – Andy Warhol

about3Educator, artist, Girl Scout (yes, Girl Scout!), Lindsay Splichal embraces her role teaching young people how to make art and think like artists. Working at JXTA has reinforced her belief that making art can change lives and confirmed that empowering youth through arts training is her destiny. When not making art, Lindsay is most likely talking about it or experiencing it.