Northside: Get On The Bus

At Juxtaposition Arts, we know that municipal elections are where the power is. That’s why we’ve partnered with Rhymesayers and Voices For Racial Justice to provide weekly bus rides to residents in Wards 4 and 5 to the early voting center at 217 S. 3rd St. By providing transportation and info on voting early, residents in Ward 4 and 5 can vote when it’s convenient for them, and we’ll increase voter turnout for our community. If you don’t know your ward, you can find it and read up on the candidates at, a Voter Guide put together by Voices for Racial Justice, Rhymesayers and Pollen Midwest. Vote early with us! Together, we can determine the future of our city.

Busses leave from Juxtaposition Arts and Folwell Park. Dates and pickup times are the same for both locations. RSVP on Facebook to add it to your calendar! Links to event pages below:

Week One: 

Thursday, October 19th 1:30—4:30pm
Friday, October 20th 1:30—4:30pm

Week Two

Friday, October 27th 3pm—6pm
Saturday, October 28th 3pm—6pm

Week Three

Sunday, October 29th  12pm—3pm
Friday, November 3rd 3pm—6pm

Week Four

Saturday, November 4th 12pm—3pm
Sunday, November 5th 12pm—3pm