Charlesa Dixon

Operations and Special Events Director


BA // Interior Design, Business Administration
Started at JXTA in 2017


When a fresh idea or innovation hits the wedding & events industry, Charlesa Dixon knows about it. An event-organizing veteran with over two decades of experience, she has her finger on the proverbial pulse of what’s new and exciting in the world of event design. Nationally recognized, she brings a sense of style, sophistication, and real inventiveness to each client as the Creative Director of Excellent Occasions, an event production firm located in the Twin Cities. Ms. Dixon came to JXTA in October 2018 where she serves as the right hand to both DeAnna and Roger Cummings as the Executive Catalyst. Charlesa holds a double major in Interior Design and Business Administration. As a creative, she’s taught ballet, modern, and liturgical dance, written and directed theatrical productions, and designed sets and costumes for various productions over the last 20+ years. Charlesa loves time with family, traveling, critiquing movies and restaurants, and finds joy in kite-flying.