Ceramic Art Services

From utilitarian to expressive fine art, all produced in-house

JXTA’s ceramics lab designs, produces, and fires incredible and unique pottery and ceramics all in-house.

A ceramics lab apprentice spinning a cup on the clay wheel.

From utilitarian to expressive fine art, all produced in-house

Each piece produced in the JXTA Ceramics Lab is as unique as the apprentice who made it. Whether you’re looking for a full dinnerware set or fine art pieces to decorate any space, this JXTALab has you covered. Every piece is conceived of, designed, and produced in-house by JXTA apprentices – including the firing process in a state-of-the-art kiln in our studio basement. This JXTALab produces across a spectrum of creativity: sets for the JXTA Shop and commissions for various clients, identical pieces that are consistent but don’t look mass-produced, unique one-of-a-kind usable objects like mugs and plates, and abstract, expressive, one-of-a-kind pieces for gallery exhibitions or decorative display. Shop the JXTA Shop or contact us to see if a commission will fit your needs.

You get paid to be creative which is something you don’t really get to experience in school (or otherwise). Sometimes I call this school because you’re getting educated in the way if you were to pay someone. I feel like I’m getting college-level teaching and education from JXTA. And you’re getting paid for it, which is crazy.

Laurel Prenzlow

Contemporary Art Apprentice

Ceramics Lab Lead

Carla Schleicher


With a background in graphic design and as a practicing visual artist, Carla is most interested in the role of art and design in community development. She has worked closely with North Minneapolis artists and entrepreneurs on initiatives that showcase local talent and build wealth, including the West Broadway Farmers Market, FLOW Northside Arts Crawl, and various pop-up boutiques through her role at the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition.

Carla Schleicher

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