Contemporary Art Lab

Mixed Media artwork and multidisciplinary expression

From acrylic paint to block printing and ceramics, artists in JXTA’s Contemporary Art Lab employ a wide range of mediums and styles to create original works of art. 

A young person working on a clay project.
You get paid to be creative which is something you don’t really get to experience in school or otherwise. Sometimes I call JXTA "school" because you’re getting educated in the way if you were to pay someone. I feel like I’m getting college-level teaching and education from JXTA. And you’re getting paid for it, which is crazy.

Laurel Prenzlow

Contemporary Art Apprentice

Contemporary Art Lab

Mixed Media artwork and multidisciplinary expression

Led by professional multidisciplinary artists, apprentices research artists and historical works to develop critical thinking skills when approaching their art practice in this lab. Works of art created are commissioned for specific projects, exhibited in museums and galleries, or purchased by small businesses and individual collectors.

Building upon their training in VALT (Visual Art Literacy Training), Contemporary Art Lab apprentices produce original canvas paintings, block prints, ceramic sculptures, and other mixed-media works with guidance and support from lead teaching artists. They develop their practice in the mediums of their choice and are offered the creative freedom to explore their artistic voice and vision through their work.

Lab Leads

Gabrielle Grier
Contemporary Art Lab Lead
Masters of Education // Youth Development and Leadership
BA // Studio Art and Youth Studies
College of Education and Human Development International Educational Policy/Community Engagement Researcher // University of Minnesota
2018 University of Minnesota & YMCA-Strategic Impact Committee // Co-Chair
Started at JXTA in 2019


JXTALabs apprenticeships are available young people ages 14-21 who have successfully completed VALT.