Erika Wilkinson

Campus Manager


10 years of proven experience in Operational Leadership


A seasoned Operations Leader with a decade of unwavering commitment to excellence in facility management. Currently responsible for overseeing operations across three buildings, Erika brings a wealth of expertise in optimizing resources, streamlining processes, and ensuring the smooth operation of complex infrastructures.


Her journey in facility management began with a vision to enhance operational efficiency and deliver tangible results. Over the years, she’s cultivated a deep-rooted understanding of not just the inner workings of facilities but also the needs and aspirations of the communities they serve. Her passion for community engagement has led to meaningful partnerships and initiatives that positively impact the lives of residents and stakeholders.


Her approach is rooted in a strong belief that efficient operations can significantly contribute to the overall well-being of culture and community. She prides herself on her ability to lead and inspire teams to achieve excellence, ensuring that our facilities are not just buildings but vibrant hubs that foster growth and collaboration.


Erika is dedicated to creating spaces where people thrive, businesses flourish and the community is engaged.