Environmental Design Services

Reimagining space in the built environment

Environmental Design Lab projects activate street corners, turn bike racks into unique works of public art, and reimagine public space projects with input from community members.


Redefining how architecture is activated through communities

The Environmental Design Lab offers a range of services for interior and exterior spaces. Our apprentices work and licensed architects have the capability to produce custom street furniture, landscape design, interior design and sculptural works, educative design-based tools, and much more.

Because each project is unique, the Lab sees the client as a collaborator in the design process and are offered multiple design concepts. Often, the Lab is able to produce full-scale prototypes, which create opportunities for learning about the needs of a project for the client and the Lab alike.

JXTA has given me a space to make art…having to work a lot in order to go to school while also going to school makes it very hard to make time to make art. It’s a place where I have time to consistently create, while also working and getting paid.

Justice Jones

Environmental Design Apprentice

Enviromental Design Lab Lead

Chango Cummings



Enviromental Design Lab Lead

Qadiym Washington




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