Pathways to college and careers

Equipping apprentices for opportunities beyond JXTA

Pathways to College and Careers (PaCC) is a program for current apprentices that deepens the personal and professional development of their work within JXTALabs. Through workshops, internships, mentorship, and travel opportunities, apprentices can leverage what they do at JXTA into opportunities for learning and work beyond their time on campus.
PaCC is a fantastic way to turn a dream or a partially-formed plan into reality. PaCC gives you access to resources that schools and other jobs don’t provide, and that will improve you. PaCC helped me figure out my finances and plan for a move out of the country. I am forever grateful for the lessons I learned in PaCC and at JXTA as a whole.

Cassie Murphy


Equipping apprentices for opportunities beyond JXTA

Our PaCC program prepares current youth apprentices at JXTA to take critical steps in accomplishing their educational, career, and/or entrepreneurial goals once they leave or age out of JXTALabs, our youth employment program. PaCC’s mission is that all youth apprentices leave JXTA equipped to leverage the relationships, experiences, and skills they’ve developed with us to propel themselves toward successful futures.

 PaCC programming runs the duration of the school year and uses several methods to engage youth. JXTA staff and guest presenters facilitate hard and soft skill development workshops for all apprentices during monthly meetings. Apprentices work with Lab Leads and other staff to build resumes, portfolios, compile college applications, etc. 

Advanced apprentices are matched with paid internships with external partner companies such as Knock, Inc., Target, and The BrandLab. Apprentices aged 18+ can apply for an annual group research trip to NYC, Chicago, or other cities to further advance their educational and professional goals.