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Graphic Design, branding, and illustration

JXTA’s Graphic Design Lab creates unique and vibrant designs for a variety of digital, print, and screen print applications. Whether you need a new or redesigned logo, custom swag, or promotional materials, the Graphic Design Lab offers creative solutions for any design project.

Unique and vibrant designs for digital and material application

JXTA delivers fresh, innovative, and unique collateral for any project. We create a variety of materials including logos, brochures, banners, window clings, vinyl murals, reports, and custom digital illustrations. Graphic Design Lab also works closely with the Textiles & Screen Printing Lab to create apparel items and promotional merchandise. Since these pieces are printed in-house, each project from start to finish is straightforward and we eliminate the hassle of sourcing other vendors. Plus, our clients are involved in every step of the process; we make every project seamless and collaborative and deliver the results you’re looking for.

Under the guidance of professional designers, apprentices in the Graphic Design Lab have completed projects for a variety of clients across a range of sectors. This lab is well-equipped to tackle any creative project with fresh ideas and new perspectives. In the age of information overload, custom designs speak 1,000 words; a JXTA design will ensure your message stands out from the rest.

JXTA offers an opportunity for young creatives to work alongside peers that have like-minded goals and interests. We get real-life experience with professionals in these fields to do client projects and hone-in on our skills.

Avahnii Lewis

Graphic Design Apprentice

Graphic Design Lab Lead

Kimberly Rashad



Kimberly Rashad is a multidisciplinary designer with 8+ years of experience in graphic + environmental design. She has worked all over the country creating good, clean and effective print and digital graphic communications design, interior design, digital content, and video content creation within the nonprofit, private and public sectors. Her current goal is to share what she has learned with young aspiring artists and let them know that with a little work, it is possible to spend the rest of your life doing what you enjoy.

Graphic Design Lab Lead

Ethan Nevalainen



Ethan Nevalainen is a whimsical Designer and Illustrator based in the Twin Cities. He has lived his whole life on the Northside of Minneapolis, and has been collaborating in the Juxtaposition Arts Graphics Lab for four years and counting. Ethan loves leading deep conversations about the little things, taking joy in manipulating the minutiae until everything lines up just so. The right picture can be worth far more than a thousand words, engaging the viewer in an act of discovery that stays with them longer than even the most well written passages. Ethan takes this idea and runs with it, designing witty communication solutions with depth and humor. He is passionate about the role of humor in the arts, and as such a good deal of his work strives to make you laugh just as hard as it makes you think.

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