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Large-scale murals in public spaces

JXTA murals embody the movement, color, and energy of an urban environment. From building walls honoring the legacy of Black Liberation, to decorative bursts of color across expansive open spaces, JXTA murals bring light and life into any public space.

Blending color, movement, and energy into any space or environment

JXTA mural projects and clients vary in size and scope, but all JXTA murals offer bursts of color and light to any public space. Apprentices in the Contemporary Art Lab study and work on murals and public art, but most often our roster of artists (most of whom are JXTA alumni) complete these large-scale projects for clients.

We work closely with businesses and neighborhood groups to determine scale, scope, and artistic direction of the project, coordinate the team, quote the price and, ultimately, manage the project’s execution. Have a project in mind? Contact us below to get started and we’ll get back to you with our availability and next steps.

My favorite part about working with JXTA participants is helping them overcome personal doubts towards their work and watching them realize the power of their accomplishments in their art progress. Believing is just the start. Hard work will get you where you want to be.

Hawwa Youngmark

Visual Art Literacy Training Instructor

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