Ethan Nevalainen

Graphics Lab Lead Assistant


Currently pursuing a Graphic Design degree from the University of Minnesota.
Started at JXTA in 2018
Previous KNOCK intern


Ethan Nevalainen is a whimsical Designer and Illustrator based in the Twin Cities. He has lived his whole life on the Northside of Minneapolis, and has been collaborating in the Juxtaposition Arts Graphics Lab for four years and counting. Ethan loves leading deep conversations about the little things, taking joy in manipulating the minutiae until everything lines up just so. The right picture can be worth far more than a thousand words, engaging the viewer in an act of discovery that stays with them longer than even the most well written passages. Ethan takes this idea and runs with it, designing witty communication solutions with depth and humor. He is passionate about the role of humor in the arts, and as such a good deal of his work strives to make you laugh just as hard as it makes you think.


When he’s not digging deep into design problems or illustrated metaphors, he loves to get lost. Photography is a comfortable pastime, and many of Ethan’s greatest days are spent aimlessly swaying around the unexplored corners of old places or wandering through new ones. Other assorted hijinks include an obsession with board and card games, worldbuilding for roleplaying campaigns, and streaming video games for charity.