Northside Since ’95

Northside Since '95

25 years since our inception in 1995, the name still embodies our ethos: core strategies juxtaposed to create a vibrant and sustainable whole. Art & economics; individual development through collaborative work; young artists employed and their professional counterparts.

On our 25th birthday in 2020, JXTA is poised to become the foremost arts organization in North Minneapolis with a permanent and essential legacy.

In 2020, JXTA will reflect on successes and lessons learned. When JXTA was founded in 1995, the focus was on the immediate future: building access to the arts for talented young people in North Minneapolis. With a $1,000 grant, JXTA started as a small summer program, enrolling 15 students to participate in youth mentorship led by professional artists. Today, JXTA employs 70 young people ages 14-21 in five revenue-earning art and design studios; offers year-round personal and professional development to young creatives; enrolls 110 young people ages 8-21 in free arts programming annually; provides access to arts-related activities to thousands of visitors and participants; and employs 30 adult teaching artists and operations staff. 25 years later, JXTA is the largest youth-focused arts employer in the Twin Cities, and one of the largest employers of young people on the Northside.

25 years of work provides a basis for what the future can look like. That future includes a capital campaign slated to conclude in 2021, a brand-new building completed in 2022, continued and expanded programming, more students through the doors, and, ultimately, an established cultural legacy in North Minneapolis.

Says JXTA longtime youth apprentice Justice Jones:

“JXTA is a place where you learn how to do collaborative projects, hear everybody’s voices in a creative process, and learn to be ok with having your ideas changed. Or at least to be open to suggestions about other ideas and other perspectives. I don’t think I had the opportunity to work or think this way before I came here.

“Knowing that the things you want to do and the person you want to be is achievable. I think that’s why I want to teach and make art. I want people to understand that everybody is different and unique. Everybody learns things differently and processes things around them differently…everybody experiences everything in a different way.”

25th Anniversary Information

To celebrate a history of impact and achievements in 2020, JXTA will host a number of events, publish a series of unique stories, and produce merchandise celebrating the 25th anniversary.

More information about this year’s celebratory programming can be found HERE.

25 Stories for 25 Years

This year’s celebrations will include a series of 25 stories for 25 years – the first story is an interview with JXTA programming graduate and current Graphic Design Lab and Communications Assistant, Patricio De Lara.

Read it HERE.