#PopOut4JXTA on Give to the Max Day 2018

Someone blowing a bubble with the words Give to the Max pop out for jxta
Help us raise $10K on Give to the Max Day on November 15 for JXTA’s new mural!

Too often, people on the Northside of Minneapolis don’t see themselves reflected positively. We’re changing that. For this year’s Give to the Max Day, we’re asking you to help us reach our goal of $10K to create a new mural which will capture the people and energy of one of the Twin Cities’ most vibrant communities. This is the next step in a legacy campaign that will develop JXTA and the Northside (learn more about that project here).

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A mural of a faceless brown woman holding a small child with rays of blue and photo collages radiating from them A young person painting a large scale mural

Help us fundraise for a brand new mural, like these previous JXTA projects! 

Why bubbles?

For this Give to the Max, our theme is BUBBLES. We’ve been blowing bubbles off the roof of 2007 Emerson Avenue North for over 10 years. Roger Cummings, JXTA’s co-founder and Chief Cultural Producer, started this tactical strategy by blowing bubbles out of his apartment window in Minneapolis’ Warehouse District in the 1990s. Now, we use the Bubbletron on JXTA’s roof to indicate our location and to demonstrate our long-time commitment to creative placemaking. So, to tell our story for #GTMD18, we’re using bubbles, illustrated by JXTA Graphics Lab apprentice Lilly. Read on to learn about her process in creating the illustrations.

Behind the Animation: Interview with Graphics Apprentice Lilly

Your name, age, and grade:

Lilian Donahue, 17, 12th Grade (Senior in HS).

What year/session did you start at JXTA?

I started at JXTA in Summer 2017 and started working here in the fall.

How did you get involved at JXTA?

I took the VALT program for the experience, was offered the chance for an interview, and jumped at the opportunity.

Tell us a little bit about the process for creating the animations for Give to the Max Day. Where did the inspiration come from? How did you storyboard/illustrate them?

I took inspiration from the GiveMN logo, and bright, fun, modern motifs. I drew representations of each moment, added notes for smaller, cuter animations. I also made sure to include patterns and colors.

Did you face any challenges? If you did, how did you problem-solve?

It was a struggle to make the movement of the bubbles look natural.

What was the most fun part?

Creating color palettes and creating the stop-motion effect.

Tell us about another project you’ve worked on in your time at JXTA:

I’ve done various other animated “Thank you’s” and logos similar to this. Examples include an animation for FLOW 2018 and a Cartoon Network bumper exercise.