Resources for JXTA Staff & Apprentices

Outreach and Engagement Assistance

Contact Information

If you need help with the information or completing the steps for any of the benefits and resources please contact Kaleb Williams for assistance.

Phone (C): 651.239.8410 (call or text) 9 am-5 pm M-F (weekends are okay, too.)


Apprentice questions and comments form

Comments or questions?

Apprentices: JXTA is offering a way to ask questions or share you thoughts and comments online, and anonymously if you prefer. We know a lot of things have been happening around us lately, and we want to be there for you.

Apprentices can also go to Kaleb if they have any questions or thoughts, but we also understand if you don’t want to share your name. If you have a question or thoughts about things happening around JXTA or just in general, please fill out the form and we can work to address it.