Boombox Benches and Bike Racks




Design and Fabrication

Creative Team

Enviro Lab (Niko Kubota, Preston Dorsett, Justice Jones, Qadiym Washington), Graphics Lab (Patricio DeLara) with Concrete Pig (Keith Wyman)

Creative Solution

The Boombox benches were a response to the need for sculptural, flexible benches for a new apartment building for Northside artists. The modular design allows for one arrangement at the building entry that encourages interaction, as well as more reflective arrangements on the logia. Integrated lighting highlights the benches at night. Patricio designed the “speaker” portion of the benches and the bike racks to reflect the unique live-work design of this building, incorporating art making tools and objects from everyday life.

Boom Box Benches Boom Box Benches Boom Box Benches Boom Box Benches- Detail Artspace Bike Rack