Forecast Public Art donates their public art library to JXTA

Last year, as Forecast Public Art adopted a new mission and moved to be a more flexible, remote organization, they connected with JXTA leadership to coordinate the donation of their internationally-recognized public art library to live in our soon-to-be upgraded headquarters and campus. “This donation ensures that this beloved resource lives on to inspire the next generation of public artists, designers and urban planners here in our home communities and I know it will continue to build with the energy and contributions of Juxta apprentices, educators and youth.” shares Theresa Sweetland, Forecast’s Executive Director.  

The public art library in use at Forecast Public Art. Photo courtesy of Forecast Public Art. 

The public art library, a non-circulating collection of more than 2,000 print, digital, and multimedia materials from the field of public art, will be housed in JXTA’s new headquarters, where construction is slated to be complete by fall 2022. (You can help us celebrate the groundbreaking on Friday, September 17, 2021.) As we envision our future campus brimming with activity and creative energy, the public art library will serve as a vibrant tool for research and youth development. Says JXTA Managing Director Gabrielle Grier: “This gift will have an impact for generations to come. As we plan programming and engagement around the library in our new headquarters, we will hold Forecast Public Art’s mission to advance justice, health, and human dignity through art at the forefront. We envision young people and artists using the library as inspiration and a source of research in their own creative processes, furthering our own mission of fostering economic justice and self-actualization through art and design.” 

JXTA’s new campus will stand as a symbol of economic justice, youth development through creativity, and Black Excellence. It will be the home of JXTA’s programming, so that we can continue to provide excellent training, education, and employment in art and design in meaningful and sustainable ways. It will also be the only Black—owned art and design organization on the Northside. This donation from Forecast will elevate the level of resources made available to the community through this new development. 

The public art library in use at Forecast Public Art. Photo courtesy of Forecast Public Art. 

Says Chief Cultural Producer and Co-Founder Roger Cummings:  

“A big thank you to Forecast Public Art for the donation of your public art library. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary at Juxtaposition Arts, we are in the middle of a capital and legacy campaign for our campus at Emerson and Broadway on the Northside, with the goal of ensuring that JXTA will be a resource for young artists for the next 25 years. We’re celebrating breaking ground on our new headquarters on Friday, September 21 with an event open to the public and invite you to join us for this momentous occasion.  

“Our vision for the campus includes a library and archive, with resources that youth, staff, alumni and the broader community can draw inspiration and learning from. Forecast’s incredible collection of public art books will be a focal point of this library and an invaluable resource for our students and the community.” 

Thank you to Forecast for this gift. We will treasure it for many years to come on our new campus.  

With gratitude,
Roger Cummings, Chief Cultural Producer
Gabrielle Grier, Managing Director