JXTA / Red Wing Heritage Collaboration

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As a team of creators and collaborators, Juxtaposition Arts and Red Wing Heritage have been crafting a unique collection to showcase the importance of art and community. All profits from this collection will be donated to Juxtaposition Arts to continue fostering a space for young artists to thrive.

Minnesota originals. Connected by craft.

Both local legacies shaped by community, Red Wing Heritage and Juxtaposition Arts have come together to champion craft and creators by developing a one-of-a kind collection together.

Previously allied for the Juxtaposition Arts groundbreaking, this new collaboration invited JXTA apprentices to experience and learn every part of product development and marketing campaigns, transferring that knowledge into their own boot and hoodie designs, and input into the launch campaign.


The Collection

JXTA apprentices in partnership with Red Wing Heritage, designed a limited-edition capsule collection comprised of Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc’s and premium weight, screen printed hoodies.

Apprentices first met in Red Wing Headquarters where they learned from the Product Design & Development Team. Together, the group reviewed the process of bring new styles to market and the many steps and materials it takes to create a pair of Red Wing Heritage boots.

With thoughtful considerations to the style of their peers and artists that came before them, apprentices drew inspiration from there community to inspire customizations to the Classic Moc boot. These design elements come to live in the art that is screen printed across the collaboration hoodie.

Click on the link to explore the collection.

The Campaign: ART, NOT ADS

With guidance from JXTA Alum and Red Wing Shoes Creative Director Aaron Seymour-Anderson, each apprentice constructed a creative advertising concept. It was clear that Art, not ads, need to be the hero in bringing the collaboration to life. We’ve replaced seven billboards in Minneapolis with artwork of JXTA apprentices, alumni, and friends of the brand, honoring JXTA’s mission in creating a community in the arts.

Meet the apprentices

The JXTA / Red Wing Collab, was led by four apprentices – read more about the collaboration from each of their perspectives.



Graphics & Textile Lab


What does JXTA mean to you?

JXTA has given me an institution for continuous growth as a person, artist and designer. If I hadn’t been at JXTA, I genuinely never would have been a graphic designer pursuing my BFA and getting my associates. It’s a program that has continued to push me to better places, believe in my skills, and given me loyalty and trust to be a part of them in many ways. JXTA to me means growth and opportunity. I have done things I would have never imagined.

What has been your favorite part of the collaboration?

My favorite parts of the collaboration have been creative concepting, selecting shoe modifications and the billboard design. The creative process Red Wing normally goes through felt tangible and inclusive. The shoe is bold, unique and something I’d wear; we genuinely remixed this shoe for Red Wing that reflects JXTA and our capabilities. Finally, it feels like an honor that I have been truly trusted in my capabilities to showcase my work on a billboard in the city. I’m proud of every part of the collaboration.



Graphics Lab

What has been your favorite part of the collaboration?

My favorite part of this collaboration has been the ability to see the way a brand like Red Wing is dedicated to quality and legacy. So many brands and corporations are focused on spontaneity and virality. Getting an inside view of the way Red Wing is focused on longevity and committed to quality is inspiring and reassuring to the state of mass production.

Where do you see yourself within 5 years? 15 years?

In 5 years, I see myself working in the film industry, whether through screenwriting, costume design or assisting productions. In 15 years, I see myself screenwriting and directing. Perhaps designing clothing as a side hustle passion project, and hopefully opening a food waste-oriented restaurant.  



Textile Lab

What does JXTA mean to you?

JXTA is a space to experience the future and history of black art, with and through community. I’m inspired by the people I surround myself with, whether that’s friends, family or those within my JXTA community.

How did you contribute to the collaboration?

I worked with other apprentices to determine the boot modifications and pulled inspiration from other brand collabs before the team moved into creative concepting. Most of my work is contributed to the concept and production of premium canvas aprons with collab- branded screen print designs and Red Wing leather accents. These will only be available for auction at JXTA events. 



Tactical Lab

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by new ways of thinking and moments of discomfort. I love when an artist creates a piece that challenges the thinking of its viewers. Especially when they stand firmly behind the message, even if society perceives it as weird or tasteless. That uncomfortable feeling sheds new light on original perceptions.

How did you contribute to the collection?

I helped with brainstorming creative themes for the capsule, selecting boot modifications and working with the marketing team to write copy. We discussed how to best tell the story through social media and our websites, including the interviews and blog post written above!