JXTA Flag Raising

On the afternoon of June 2, 2020, after cleaning up from break-ins during the uprisings in Minneapolis early Friday morning, our team celebrated a flag-raising of the first-ever JXTA Flag.

The flag was created by the youth apprentices and teaching artists in the Tactical and Textiles & Screen Printing labs. In their words: “The flag, designed by Odis Turner III (Textiles apprentice) and the Tactical lab, represents the community standing together in solidarity, strength, historic resilience, and resistance to oppressive systems.”

The flag will fly on the Northeast corner of the skate-able art plaza on our campus.


A wave with an X and two stars with raised fists in them waving against a blue sky and clouds atop a building with a colorful mural on the wall. A group of people wearing masks pose in front of a flag waving atop a building with a colorful mural.

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