May 06 2024
10:00 am

CONGOISM Exhibition

On View May 3 – July 12, 2024
Public Opening Reception Friday, May 3rd, 6-8 pm
at JUXTAPOSITION ARTS, 2007 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis MN 55411



Gallery Hours are 10am-4pm M-Th. or by appt. (




In the confluence of his identities as a Black man in America and an immigrant of Congolese descent, Patience has journeyed through the landscapes of history, culture, and personal experience to create a body of work named “Congoism.” This collection is an exploration of the nuanced interplay between his African roots and the complex tapestry of African American identity, inspired by the insights and provocations found in Johnny Van Hove’s “Congoism.”

“Congoism” delves into the historical and contemporary discourses surrounding the Congo, as highlighted by Van Hove, where the Congo serves as a symbol and a space through which Western intellectual elites have continuously navigated their ambitions, biases, and interpretations of African identity. These discourses, ranging from the dismissive to the romanticized, have not only shaped Western perceptions of the Congo but have also influenced how Congolese and African American identities are constructed and understood within the U.S. and beyond.


Patience’s artwork is a response to these discourses, an attempt to reclaim the narrative and imbue it with the authenticity and complexity of his personal and communal experiences. Each piece serves as a dialogue between the imagined and the real, the historical and the contemporary, reflecting the dynamic interplay of identities that define him and many others in the African diaspora.


Through “Congoism,” Patience invites viewers to engage with the layers of meaning and emotion that emerge from this dialogue. His art is not just an exploration of identity but also a critique of the ways in which power, history, and culture intersect to shape our understanding of ourselves and others. It is a journey through the heart of darkness not as a place of savagery, but as a site of profound human complexity and resilience.


This collection, therefore, is both a personal reflection and a broader commentary on the politics of identity, race, and belonging. It seeks to challenge and expand the viewers’ perceptions, encouraging a deeper, more nuanced understanding of what it means to be Congolese, African American, and, ultimately, human. In doing so, “Congoism” by Patience stands as a testament to the power of art to transcend boundaries, connect histories, and illuminate the shared humanity that binds us all.



2007 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis MN 55411 

Juxtaposition Arts (JXTA) is conveniently located on the corner of W Broadway Ave. & Emerson Ave N along the Metro D Line and 14 Bus Lines. Guests are welcome to park in the US Bank parking lot across Emerson during gallery/business hours; street parking is also available. The building is fully accessible with fully accessible restrooms. If you require additional accommodation or would like to visit the exhibition outside of gallery hours, please email us at