City of Plants


Graves Foundation


Contemporary Art

Creative Team

Creative Direction: Sayge Carroll + Apprentice Team:

Creative Solution

‘City of Plants’ is a future-oriented glimpse at our world. A section of earth seemingly overrun by plants upon the absence of humans, or an ecosystem in which humans have learned to create in harmony with the forces of nature. We aimed to capture the beauty and juxtaposition of hand-sculpted natural materials alongside unbridled nature to echo an imprint of how we shape our environment and how nature will find a way whether or not we consider it. We want to show the value in keeping our planet alive and well. In understanding the abilities and strengths of nature as well as man-made entities, we can find a way to strengthen our world and ourselves simultaneously.

Several handcrafted ceramic pots with plants Handcrafted ceramics Handcrafted ceramic pots with plants Handcrafted ceramic planter with JXTA inscribed