Lucy Craft Laney Community School residency and mural


Lucy Craft Laney Community School


Public Art & Murals; Residencies

Creative Team

Hawwa Youngmark (JXTA alum), Zainab Youngmark (photographer), Jahliah Holloman (JXTA alum and operations intern)

Creative Solution

With funding from the City of Minneapolis’s Collaborative Safety Strategies, Hawwa Youngmark worked afterschool with Lucy Laney third, fourth, and fifth grade students to complete a mixed media mural in the school’s auxiliary multi-purpose space. The funding initiative called for a mural to bring awareness to violence prevention on the intersection of Lowry and Penn, an intersection close to the school and with disproportionately high levels of crime. Hawwa came up with concepts by drawing from JXTA’s 2016 “Who We Are” mural, it itself inspired by the works of Emory Douglas. Photographer Zainab taught the students the basics of photography and captured images that would ultimately be used in the mural. The images of students serve two purposes: to ensure current students’ ownership of the mural – in its location and creation – and to leave a legacy and act as a personal connection to the future students of Lucy Laney.

Closeup of a multimedia mural of an earth with sun rays coming out of it, collaged with photos of people A group of people congregating in front of a mural of an earth with rays coming out of it. A photography portrait setup