Outdoor Furniture Prototypes for the Upper Harbor Terminal Park


Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board


Furniture design and fabrication

Creative Team

Environmental Design Lab

Creative Solution

While Upper Harbor Terminal was still an abandoned industrial site, the Minneapolis Park and Recre­ation Board hired JXTA to prototype furni­ture for a future public park. They wanted furniture that could be built with local materials and by local people.

On a tour of Upper Harbor Terminal we walked under giant conveyors built from steel trusses. We adopted the truss into an attractive and sturdy base for benches, tables, and even a chaise lounge. On top we built seats with ash lumber milled from Minneapolis trees. The furniture was im­mediately popular. People felt connected to how it looked and how it was made.

Design mockup of outdoor bench Apprentice lounging on outdoor bench. Wooden and metal bench Wooden and metal bench Group of apprentices around metal bench bases.