Illustrative Metro Transit Signage


Metro Transit


Illustration package for marketing materials

Creative Team

Project Leads: Taylan De Johnette, Greta Kotz. Design Team: Athena A, Micah B, Egypt B, George E, Ethan N, and Bereket W

Creative Solution

In the fall of 2021, the Graphic Design Lab created a set of vector illustrations that Metro Transit would use to create compositions for their Winter Campaign 2021 bus interior and exteriors, train exteriors, station kiosk posters, social media, animated features and potentially the NorthStar train. The Graphics Lab collaborated on a bright and bold package of characters illustrations, winter elements, Twin Cities-inspired environments, and contemporary backgrounds and graphics.

“There’s something special about the chilly holidays in Minnesota. No matter what you call your celebration, the concept of coming together and sharing with one another while the frozen world drifts by is magnificent in it’s own right. These designs lean into this warmth of community and companionship. Our graphic components use geometric shapes and a limited palette, the simplicity allowing our snowy holiday message of love and connection to take center stage.”

– Ethan N, Graphics Apprentice

Graphic illustration of animals enjoying a winter wonderland