Clockwork Swag




Design and Illustration for Marketing Materials

Creative Team

Project Leads: Greta Kotz. Design Team: Sami A, Micah B, George E, Neeva G, Alex V.

Creative Solution

In the Winter of 2020, the Graphics Lab was hired by Clockwork to design and illustrate assets for swag and marketing materials; primarily used as gifts for Clockwork staff, friends, and family.

“This is primarily a gift for the Clockwork staff, so why not play off the classic smiley-face ‘thank you’ bag. This design is a direct reference to Clockwork’s expression, ‘You’ll love working with us. As a simple yellow and black smiley face, the icon lines up perfectly with Clockwork’s brand themes. Using simple icon illustrations, the modular puzzle format can show what ‘Digital Done Right’ means. The format can be rearranged and fit neatly on different formats, swag, and marketing materials.” – JXTA Graphics Lab, 2020


Clockwork branded packaging