Graywolf Press Catalog Cover


Graywolf Press


Cover Design for the 2020 Release Catalog

Creative Team

Collaboration between Patricio Delara and Greta Kotz

Creative Solution

In the winter of 2020, the Graphic Design Lab was commissioned by Graywolf press to design the cover artwork for their catalog, promoting their upcoming publications and authors. During this time, the Graphics Lab just began to work, teach, learn, and collaborate fully remotely. As the team adapted and transitioned, Graphic’s Leads, Patrico Delara and Greta Kotz decided to collaborate on an artistic reflection of their new work environment.


“This cover design is a reflection of our collaboration, and effort to stay connected during the time of a global pandemic. Despite our distance from our peers, this time has allowed us to delve a bit deeper into our creative abilities and explore new ways to make connections.”

– JXTA Graphics Lab, 2020

Colorful image on a book cover