IDS Center Crystal Court mural series


IDS Center


Public Art & Murals

Creative Team

Roger Cummings (JXTA Co-Founder and Chief Cultural Producer), Alex Smith (Teaching Artist)

Creative Solution

In 2020, the IDS Center in Downtown Minneapolis began a $5 million renovation project. Instead of leaving the temporary walls around the construction site bare, the building owners contracted JXTA to install murals for passersby to enjoy as construction was underway. JXTA Co-Founder and Chief Cultural Producer Roger Cummings and teaching artist Alex Smith spent the first week in 2021 crafting their murals, incorporating the history and the people of the IDS Center, and looking towards the future. Each artist created an individual mural and collaborated on a third one.

IDS center mural IDS center murals Alex Smith working on the IDS center mural IDS center murals