Hello Northside Gift Box creation and distribution


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Creative Team

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Creative Solution

We flipped the script on subscription boxes. In the winter of 2018, Tactical Lab put together a wellness kit filled with items including sage for clarity, a water bottle, a pen and planner, and touch stones for positive energies to distribute to our Northside neighbors. The boxes’ decorative elements were inspired by the Adinkra symbol meaning “Pempamsie” (“sew in readiness”) and were designed and printed in-house by Graphics, Textiles, and Tactical Labs.

Now, Tactical Lab creates variations on these boxes for bulk orders, for sale on our online shop (when available), and for community distribution when project-based grant money is awarded. Interested in ordering in bulk or commissioning a set? Contact us!

Two people holding a decorative box A decorative box and tote bag A box full of self care items including sage, a pen, notebook, etc. A decorative tote bag and box full of self care items