Ceramic Art Services

From utilitarian to expressive fine art, all produced in-house

JXTA’s ceramics lab designs, produces, and fires incredible and unique pottery and ceramics all in-house.

A ceramics lab apprentice spinning a cup on the clay wheel.

From utilitarian to expressive fine art, all produced in-house

Each piece produced in the JXTA Ceramics Lab is as unique as the apprentice who made it. Whether you’re looking for a full dinnerware set or fine art pieces to decorate any space, this JXTALab has you covered. Every piece is conceived of, designed, and produced in-house by JXTA apprentices – including the firing process in a state-of-the-art kiln in our studio basement. This JXTALab produces across a spectrum of creativity: sets for the JXTA Shop and commissions for various clients, identical pieces that are consistent but don’t look mass-produced, unique one-of-a-kind usable objects like mugs and plates, and abstract, expressive, one-of-a-kind pieces for gallery exhibitions or decorative display. Shop the JXTA Shop or contact us to see if a commission will fit your needs.

You get paid to be creative which is something you don’t really get to experience in school (or otherwise). Sometimes I call this school because you’re getting educated in the way if you were to pay someone. I feel like I’m getting college-level teaching and education from JXTA. And you’re getting paid for it, which is crazy.

Laurel Prenzlow

Ceramic Art Apprentice

Ceramic Lab Lead

Carla Schleicher



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