Public Art & Murals

Large-scale public murals for communities in motion

JXTA murals embody the movement, color, and energy of an urban environment. From building walls honoring the legacy of Black Liberation to decorative bursts of color across expansive open spaces, JXTA murals embody the creativity and voice of our diverse artists.
My favorite part about working with JXTA participants is helping them overcome personal doubts towards their work and watching them realize the power of their accomplishments in their art progress. Believing is just the start. Hard work will get you where you want to be.

Hawwa Youngmark

Visual Art Literacy Training Instructor

Public Art & Murals

Large-scale public murals for communities in motion.

JXTA’s public art projects vary in size, scope, and material. Our work offers bursts of color and light to any space. Apprentices in the Contemporary Art Lab are guided by mural and public art practitioners to create pieces that are informed by the client’s and community’s desires, the physical space it will inhabit, the creative genius of our youth apprentices, and the expertise of the Contemporary Lab Leads. In some cases, public art projects are contracted out to our JXTA Roster Artists, many of whom are JXTA alumni. 


JXTALabs apprenticeships are available young people ages 14-21 who have successfully completed VALT.