Downtown Improvement District Research and Activation


Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District



Creative Team

Creative Direction: Roger Cummings, Roxanne O'Brien, and Kristen Murray + Apprentice Team:

Creative Solution

Juxtaposition’s Tactical team uses art and design-based approaches and community engagement practices to create interventions in public space and speak with folks about issues that affect them in that public space. Working with local designer/fabricator Brandon Brown, we created a fleet of bike carts that we can bring around the city for short-term interventions in public spaces. These Mobile Engagement Units are equipped with stereos, lights, seating, games, and art-making supplies. We have deployed them around Downtown Minneapolis through work with the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District, on West Broadway, and at the dusk-til-dawn public art festival, Northern Spark.

Several people sitting around lit up tables in the dusk on a street Two people standing around a mobile art unit Several folks milling about in a public area