North Regional Library Renovation


North Regional Library


Collaborative: Tactical, Graphic Design, Environmental Design

Creative Solution

In 2019 and 2020, JXTA’s Tactical, Environmental Design, and Graphic Design labs worked on several aspects of the North Regional Library redesign. This is a prime example of a project that spans the labs: early engagement was led by Tactical, focusing on decisions about what library spaces the community needs and where they should go; this led to further engagement during schematic design about how the spaces should function and feel; which informed both designs for the indoor wall graphics and glass patterns by the Graphics Lab, as well as outdoor entryway designs by the Environmental Design Lab. Enviro also designed bike racks for the outdoor space.


The labs worked with Bentz Thompson Rietow architects, Damon Farber landscape architects, and Hennepin County on this project.


Final Products:

  • Tactical: early and ongoing engagement with library users and neighbors, providing input to the County and architects
  • Graphic Design: design of graphics for interior wallpaper, fabric wall panels, and glass patterns
  • Environmental Design: design of paving pattern and site furniture for the breezeway
North Regional Library study area from above on a balcony with a decorative design on the balcony walls. Three Black male-presenting individuals lean over a table, looking at a collaborative project. A construction crew lays down concrete for a development. Decorative bike racks Tactical Lab leads engagement with passersby on the street to inform the redesign of the North Regional Library Tactical Lab leads an engagement for the redevelopment of North Regional Library through model mockups with visitors Library display of books and tables. Library conference room, with decorative etchings on the glass wall. Library media center