Broadway Vibrations


City of Minneapolis, Pillsbury United Communities



Creative Team

Creative Direction: Roxxanne O'Brien, Kristen Murray, and Adrienne Doyle + Apprentice Team:

Creative Solution

In 2017, we received grant funding from the City of Minneapolis’ Collaborative Public Safety Strategies program to prototype an engagement series called Broadway Vibrations. We wanted to increase positive activity on West Broadway and catalyze healing and connections through community activities. Tactical hosted 13 engagements between June and October 2017 that included a yoga lesson, bike-powered smoothie-making, Spades tournaments, an outdoor open mic, a photo-booth and clothing swap, and an outdoor screening of The Wiz. We also partnered with counselor and author Resmaa Menakem to host a day-long Psychological First Aid training for community members. Tactical rebooted Broadway Vibrations in the summer of 2019 with funding from the City of Minneapolis.

An outdoor tent with bubbles floating A group of people seated around an outdoor table Several people milling about outside, one of them receiving a massage from another Several people sitting at an outdoor table playing cards Several people playing games at an outdoor tent with bubbles