Tactical Services

Design-based community engagement and urban planning

By combining art and design with urban planning, youth-directed research, and community engagement, JXTA’s Tactical Lab creates people-focused interventions to facilitate conversations about public space.


Community activations designed to culturally invest in and amplify its people

JXTA’s Tactical Lab uses design-based methods and tools to amplify neighborhood voice, build community knowledge, and interrupt patterns of disinvestment within our city.

Apprentices in our Tactical Lab have worked on a number of youth participatory action research (YPAR) projects, focused on the experiences of black business owners on West Broadway Avenue and the accessibility of housing and eviction resources in the Twin Cities. The studio has engaged community members around a variety of urban planning and development projects throughout the Twin Cities, including the renovation of the North Regional Library, the master planning process for the Upper Harbor Terminal site, the strategic plan for the Saint Paul Public Library, and the bus stop and transit facilities on and around West Broadway in North Minneapolis. Tactical also produces interventions that address needs and opportunities in public space, including guerrilla crosswalk paintings, bus stop benches, rooftop bubble makers, and trash can backboards.

JXTA has helped me find my voice as an artist in order to 'be the change I want to see in the world.'

Makeda Parrish

Contemporary Art and Tactical Apprentice

Tactical Lab Lead

Hawwa Youngmark

hawwa.youngmark @juxtaposition.org

Hawwa Youngmark is a local comic artist with a background in fine arts. Their work is semi-autobiographical and focuses on telling stories based in personal struggle and breaking boundaries. Hawwa is a Northsider and JXTA Contemporary Art Lab alumni.

Hawwa Youngmark headshot

Tactical Lab Lead

Justice Jones


Justice Jones is an interdisciplinary artist with a passion for working closely with her community, exploring artistic mediums, and using art as a tool for education and social change. These passions inform her artistic practice and pedagogy as she explores the relationship between the individual and the collective.

Justice Jones

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