Upper Harbor Terminal


Coen+Partners and Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board



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In 2015, Tactical Lab was brought onto what is arguably the biggest Northside development project in recent years. Building on the Enviro Lab’s prior engagement with Northside youth about their connection to the Mississippi River, JXTA agreed to work on community engagement for the process to create a master development plan for the Upper Harbor Terminal: a 48-acre city-owned area along North Minneapolis’s riverfront.

Our work in this process is to provide an accurate picture of what Northsiders want for the future of the site. To date, we have engaged hundreds of community members and other stakeholders through surveys and conversation at community events, mapping activities, door-knocking, kayaking and biking trips, park pop-ups, and tours of the riverfront site.

A notated map of a city and the river An industrial area on the riverfront A door handle with a handout with the words add your voice A group of people walking around an industrial area A poster board with the words upper harbor terminal and post it notes A table with various cards and infographics A young person using a VR headset