Graphic Design Lab

Graphic Design, branding, and illustration

Under the guidance of professional designers, apprentices in the Graphic Design Lab develop their skills in digital illustration, graphic design, and brand development by working on projects for clients across a range of sectors.
The Graphics Lab is a place where we can aspire, inspire, and push each other to our maximum potential. I consider myself lucky to be a part of such a hungry and imaginative breed of creatives.

Patricio De Lara

Graphics Apprentice

Graphic Design, branding, and illustration

Apprentices in Graphic Design Lab work directly with teaching artists and designers to develop their skills while gaining real-world experience working on client projects. Once accepted to Graphic Design, apprentices learn and practice the basics of graphic design and illustration, become comfortable working with Adobe Suite products, and eventually advance to contribute to client projects. 

While working on client projects, apprentices attend client meetings, defend their concepts, and incorporate client feedback into their creations. In their time in the lab, they can develop a portfolio of professional work while also refining their creative voices. Time in the lab also includes input and critique from peers and teaching artists. These activities encourage youth artists to develop their style while demonstrating their ability to give and receive constructive criticism and advocate for their creative vision and work.

Lab Lead

Kimberly Rashad
Graphics Lab Lead
BFA in Environmental Design from Syracuse University
8 years of in house + freelance experience in Graphic Design
Founder of Iterate Design Collaborative
Founder of Authentic House Design
Ethan Nevalainen
Graphics Lab Lead
Currently pursuing a Graphic Design degree from the University of Minnesota.
Started at JXTA in 2018
Previous KNOCK intern


JXTALabs apprenticeships are available young people ages 14-21 who have successfully completed VALT.